Panda. 22.

South Shore, MA.

G$47. HN. XXX.

Burning Fight.

IG: asianbearx


watching The Fellowship of the Ring with Sam Mainini. he brought peach rings. let the party begin.

this weekend was a success. Friday i got to party with a lot of good people, Saturday i mowed the lawn for $40, saw some friends for a bit, and used that money to spend the rest of the weekend with Katelyn. going out to dinner with my Dad, friend, and his boyfriend tonight. still feeling good about things.

had one of the funnest nights that i can remember. i saw so many good people tonight. i’m all partied out. about to talk to my lady on the phone until i pass out. i get to see her tomorrow. this makes me happy.

watching Requiem for A Dream during my break, getting coffee after class, and starting the weekend off right with a house warming party tonight. on top of that, i get to spend the whole day and night with my lady tomorrow. feeling good about things.

i’ve had the best weekend. friday was one of the most ridiculous nights i can remember, but ended up being an interesting adventure. yesterday full of good friends, hang outs, and the beach at night. today started with coffee and friends, driving around the south shore, meeting up with more friends, and going to the beach. to top everything off, i finally got to see Katelyn tonight. after a two hour drive from MA to CT, i arrived at her house around 10 pm. all i had to do was see her and hold her. from there everything kind of just came together and i couldn’t be happier. i miss her already, which makes me all the more excited for the next time i get to see her. good things are in the works for the future. this is a feeling that i could get used to.

very happy about how this weekend turned out. definitely a good way to end spring break. hung out with lots of friends on friday for Sam’s birthday (but mostly because friends), played a show in Methuen last night, partied in the city with more friends, met up with kayla and corey in the city today, then drove back to the south shore with them. now i’m chilling in my room with the windows open, listening to music, playing a little guitar, and getting Venus for dinner.

i know

you’re all probably tired of hearing this, but i really want a new year’s kiss. i also want to do something cool on new year’s eve. friends, hook it up.